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Press Release 17 February 2020

Updated: Aug 3

Frankfurt Book Fair and the Tujuhbelasribu Pulau Imaji Foundation to organize Jakarta International Content Con / Week

Creative content in Indonesia and Asia, in recent years, shows huge business potential. Responding to these developments, the Frankfurt Book Fair collaborated with the Tujuhbelasribu Pulau Imaji Foundation to initiate the Jakarta Content Con / Week, which will be held this year.

In this event; content producers engaged in publishing books, games, films, and even culinary will have the opportunity to exhibit, establish business cooperation with relevant industry stakeholders, and sell their products directly to the public. The general public, on the other hand, can also enjoy various educational and inspirational programs that will be present during the exhibition.

During the one week content exhibition, programs that will be present including: film festivals, business clubs, culinary markets, workshops, seminars, talk shows, performances, and various other events that still related to creative industries. These programs will bring prominent and experienced creative industry figures from both local and international scene.

The involvement of the Frankfurt Book Fair (FBF) in the JCCW event was driven by the potential of the Indonesian publishing industry which has amazed the FBF since Indonesia presence as the Guest of Honor at the 2015 FBF. It has since, moved the wheels of the creative economy both domestically and in the ASEAN region.

Laura Prinsloo, chairperson of the Tujuhbelasribu Pulau Imaji Foundation stated, "The FBF's interest in the creative industry in Indonesia must be responded positively by various domestic parties, both government and private. This collaboration will be a big step forward in the development of Indonesia's creative industry. Through Tujuhbelasribu Pulau Imaji Foundation, we want to strive for JCCW as a mega event and to become a center for content industry meetings in the Southeast Asia region.

For more information about JCCW:

• Claudia Kaiser

Frankfurt Book Fair Vice President


• Dewi Ria Utari

The General Secretary of the Tujuhbelasribu Pulau Imaji Foundation


About the Frankfurt Book Fair

The Frankfurt Book Fair is the most important and largest business-based book exhibition and digital content exhibition in the world, as well as one of the most important socio-cultural agendas. At this book fair, famous publishers and important creative industry figures from various parts of the world came to meet with writers, celebrities, journalists, and cultural activists. They come to seek business opportunities, making deals, expanding network and having discussion.

About the Tujuhbelasribu Pulau Imaji Foundation

We are a non-profit organization working to improve the quality of literary and creative content in Indonesia. Collaborating with the publishing industry stakeholders, government, private companies, as well with communities; we have initiated and organized various educational and inspirational programs that encourage the creation of sustainable literary ecosystems. We strive to create high quality literary products, creating an accessible path for the communities to reach various reading materials, and improving the literary role in Indonesia to contribute to global issues.

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